Tips on Giving Birthday Gifts – Why You Should Do It

Knowing what to give a friend or family member for their birthday can be challenging. It balls down to knowing what the person likes, not what you think, they might like. Knowing what a person likes is gained from observation, and them sharing their likes and dislikes.

People tend to be surprised when you give them a gift that leaves them wondering, “how’d she know, I’d like that?” I love to see a person’s face when they receive something they really appreciate and enjoy having.

I’ve found that a person will lay a gift aside or even throw it away over time if they can’t use it. So, getting a person a gift they can use is money well spent.

Birthday Gifts tips

Suggestions for birthday gifts

If you know a person consistently goes to the hair salon or nail salon weekly or even monthly, paying for them to receive that particular service on their birthday is ideal. There’s no way they won’t be thankful for that gift!

You can’t go wrong taking a person out to dinner. As long as you’re picking up the check, it’s a win-win situation. Or, you can provide them with a gift certificate to eat– at what you’ve learned, is their favorite restaurant.

I’ve surprised a friend of mine with movie tickets on their birthday. Of course I heard them talking about a specific movie that they wanted to see, so surprising them with tickets was a real treat!

Purchasing tickets to a game can be a wonderful birthday gift if you’ve learned the person is a sports fan; otherwise it would be a waste of money to do so.

Most people enjoy getting massages. I would simple adore someone paying for me to receive that service on my birthday, or any day for that matter!

If you know a person enjoys reading, and who their favorite author is, purchasing a book they haven’t read by that author, might be the way to go.

The above are just a few ideas that you might find helpful when trying to determine what to get someone for their birthday. Remember– you can’t go wrong giving gift certificates, money or paying for a person to have a service done that you know they will enjoy.

Make someone happy on their birthday by providing and surprising them with something you know they will enjoy and appreciate; not what you think they will like. Make wise decisions with your money!